Dope Grip™ RAW
Dope Grip™ RAWDope Grip™ RAWDope Grip™ RAWDope Grip™ RAWDope Grip™ RAW
Dope Grip™ RAWDope Grip™ RAWDope Grip™ RAWDope Grip™ RAWDope Grip™ RAW
Dope Grip™ RAW
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The RAW - extremely coarse with our Friction Coating Technology made in Germany. Fits any  longboard deck shape. Unbelievably true ground feel, brutal grip, and agility improvements.

The RAW offers you the most direct board feel paired with the sharpest grip our planet has to offer. A bank for the buck.

Rough, RAW, and  Real

RAW like a tiger claw and sharp like a thousand tiny blades. The RAW is how the story of DopeGrip™️ took its course. Our personal love for a number of reason – its value for money being just one of them. Find out more below.

"Do not bite it. It will bite back."


Whether you're riding on a sunny summer day along the beach or crushing it on the sweaty hill for that awesome adrenalin ride, the RAW adds that direct board feel and an instant connection with your machine. Discover how our Friction Coating Technology allows for superior control and major handling improvements. Unleash your inner rider!



Friction Coating Technology paired with the sharpest grit locks your foot securely into place so you can focus on riding while we take care of grip.

This stuff is sharp! Riding barefoot is probably a bad idea ...



Our Industrial Weather Coating layer ensures maximum friction even when contaminated or wet.

There is no bad weather, there is only bad grip tape.

Delivery Contents

2x Sheets DopeGrip RAW: 1x front sheet (with logo print) + 1x rear sheet.

Size per Sheet (LxW):
33cm x 24.5cm (= 12.99" x 9.65" inch)
Please follow application instructions:
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