Charge Port Plug
Charge Port Plug
Charge Port Plug
Charge Port Plug
1,00 EUR

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Charge Port Plug for GTR, GT/GTX or Gen2.

Features of the new GTR Charge Port Plug:

  •     Price is for one (1) port cover
  •     Protect against dust and water
  •     New Design


The NEW Evolve GTR / STOKE Charger Port Cap has been designed to meet the most rugged riding conditions and protect against dust and water. Made from Silicone, it is strong and looks great on the board - guaranteed to give the performance you need.

Please see this video of how to install the Charger Port Cap on your GTR / STOKE board:

NOTE  -  Some earlier GTR boards may have the charger port positioned the opposite way to how the charger port is displayed in the installation video.  The Charger Port Cover will still fit and function correctly if installed the opposite way as to what is show in the video.  For further enquiries on installation, please contact Evolve customer service. 

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