Finance Options

We offer 4 finance options to help get you on a board faster.

1. Klarna  

You can choose Klarna as a payment option in the order process on our website. With Karna you have several options of how many payments you would like to make. Klarna has it's own checking procedure, so if this option is not possible, please choose paypal or manual bank transfer or use FInance A Bike.
To choose payment by installments, you have to choose the pay later Klarna option, then you get to the Klarna payment by instalments option.

2. Finance a Bike (It officially also works with Boards)

This option allows you to pay variable installments of up to 7 years at a fixed interest rate. You can even replace everything at any time, which makes this option particularly flexible.
(So you could get a Board for just around 20 € each month.)
You cannot select this option here on the website, you simply have to click on the link here: and start a financing request for the amount of the desired bike. If the entire amount cannot be financed, you will not be rejected immediately, but can also finance a partial amount.

3. Paypal 

Paypal is not only a very fast payment option, but when you are forwarded to the paypal site from our shop, you also can choose to pay in installments on the paypal site. How many payments and which installment amount is up to you and paypal

4. Manual Bank Transfer

With these option you have the possibility to pay off your board interest-free in four installments. The first installment is half of the purchase amount. The other half you pay in 3 equal parts in the next 3 months. If you would like to take advantage of this option, please write an email to After checking your data, you will receive an invoice with a corresponding installment payment agreement.  Please note the data transmission to SCHUFA

For example: Total purchase amount: 1999€. Payment 1: 1000€; Payment 2: 333€; Payment 3: 333€; Payment 4: 333€.