Evolve GEN 2 remote
Evolve GEN 2 remoteEvolve GEN 2 remote
Evolve GEN 2 remoteEvolve GEN 2 remote
Evolve GEN 2 remote
69,00 EUR

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    1. Precessily controlled steering with approved index finger handling
    2. Very small and very handy
    3. With an integrated lithium battery, rechargeable via USB

    GEN 2 Remote is equipped with fast and slow speed modes, reverse function, battery indicator, USB recharger and wrist leash. Have the best of both worlds with an intuitive trigger in a smaller, discrete design. These Evolve remote has been completely redesigned to fulfill your needs while riding on Evolve skateboard. The remote is very small and handy just too perfectly fit into your hand. With an integrated lithium battery which is rechargeable via USB, you won't need any extra batteries. Not compatible with GT models. Please note this replacement remote is remote only, it does not come with charging cable or plug.

    1. The LED display device is the same as in the older model. It shows you:
    2. The bluetooth connection
    3. Speed
    4. Battery level
    5. Remote battery level
    6. Forward and reverse mode
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