Evolve Lithium Ion Batteries

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You can choose from a variety of lithium batteries.

We have batteries for GTR, GTX, GT, Gen2 and even Gen1.

All are especially made for our electric skateboards and can withstand, Vibrations and Hits long term.

Info for the GTR Power Flex 14ah/4.2ah Battery
We needed a battery that could handle massive amounts current, provide the longest run times, have the ability to flex with the skateboard deck and be packaged into a safe and clean battery structure, introducing the Power Flex Battery.  With a patent pending design, the Power Flex battery has no wires used to assemble the battery structure making it very safe and a very organised/clean setup.  The battery has also been designed to flex with the skateboard deck as its ridden within a harsh environment.  Accompanying the unique battery structure is a newly designed BMS (Battery Management System) with built in thermal and current overload protections.  The BMS controls the performance of the battery with unique software ensuring precision and performance.

Battery Specs:
14ah - 10s4p Samsung Battery.
504 watt hours

4.2ah - 10s2p Sony Battery (fro flight travel)
155 watt hours

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