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Evolve Eyewear - Sonnenbrille - Limitless Series - Translucent

- Evolve Eyewear
- Light weight
- Polarised lenses
- 100% UV protection
49,00 €
(incl. 19% MwSt/Tax)

Introducing the 'Limitless Series' Evolve Eyewear!  These sunnies are design by Evolve for the action sport enthusiast.

-  Light weight.

-   Polarised lenses providing 100% UV protection blocking out UV light.  We use TAC polarised lenses with multiple layers and strength coating that makes them 30% harder than traditional lenses.

-  The 3D wrap ergonomic design follows the curves of your head to provide the most comfortable fit.  

-  Our frames also use a premium Swiss EMS TR90 material which is 20% lighter than polycarbonate material and has high temperature resistance preventing distortion.  

-  Available in 2 colours -  Black and Iridescent (select from the dropdown box above)