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Alle Container sind angekommen, wir haben jetzt alles für Euch auf Lager.
Bamboo ONE, Bamboo GT Street und AT, Bamboo GTX Street und AT, Carbon GT Street und AT, Evolve 97mm Rollen und auch die Evolve/Abec11 F1 107mm Rollen.

Antriebsriemen GT Street

Antriebsriemen GT Street
- für GT Carbon Street, GT Bamboo Street, GTX Bamboo Street
- Lieferzeit ca 3-4 Tage
24,00 €
(incl. 19% MwSt/Tax)

High performance motor belt designed in partnership between Evolve and Gates  UK.  One of the best quality belts on the market, using GT3 technology providing fantastic power, strength and quiet operation.  These belts wear in beautifully actually making them better with age!   

Your Evolve GT Series board comes standard with this belt.