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Evolve GT Drift Wheel

- Evolve GT Drift Wheels
- Größe: 83mm
- Härte 76a
- Farbe: Schwarz
- stone ground finish for drifting
- 4er Set
- beim Rollenwechsel wird passendes Drive Gear benötigt
69,00 €
(incl. 19% MwSt/Tax)

Evolve GT Drift Wheels

We took our favourite Evolve wheels and ran them through a grinder!  What came out was a wheel that is super drifty and smooth rolling for your Evolve electric skateboard.  The stone ground effect gives the wheel a worn in feeling right from new, allowing a predictable release point for that drift feeling.  The famous lightweight hub holds 83mm of 76a urethane together to create a wheel that is grippy when you need it, drifty when you want it and classy as you like it with the Black and Orange colour way.  The finish on the wheels offers a fast, predictable, and consistent feel right from the very first roll


  • stone ground finish for drifting
  • Height: 83mm
  • Durometer: 76a
  • Contact Patch: 54mm
  • Black with Orange Hub