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Bamboo ONE, Bamboo GT Street und AT, Bamboo GTX Street und AT, Carbon GT Street und AT, Evolve 97mm Rollen und auch die Evolve/Abec11 F1 107mm Rollen.

Evolve GT 97mm Wheels

- Evolve GT 97mm Wheels
- Größe:97mm
- Härte 76a
- Farbe: Schwarz
- stone ground finish
- 4er Set
- Fahrbar mit Abec11/Evolve GT Drive Gears
129,00 €
(incl. 19% MwSt/Tax)

Evolve GT 97mm Wheels

The famous lightweight hub holds 97mm of 76a urethane together to create a wheel that is grippy when you need it, drifty when you want it and classy as you like it with the Black and Orange colour way.  The finish on the wheels offers a fast, predictable, and consistent feel right from the very first roll


  • stone ground finish
  • Height: 97mm
  • Durometer: 76a
  • Black with white
  • set of 4