OUR PROVIDER MESSED UP in the last 24 hours, he moved the website to a more stable system, without telling us and all email accounts got new passwords. The system was doubled for a short time, but we figure all out now. We just found out. Your emails are not lost, but we see them a day later. We configure all the acounts now and check double order numbers. You still can order and everythings working now. If not, please tell us. Thanks

All GT and GTX Boards that go out now already have the new R2 Remote with bigger battery and latest software update. The ONE board has it's one ONE remote already with long battery life.
By the way, there will be no successor models of these boards in 2018 as the current models are brand new.

If you change the preset trigger values on the remote (, set the trigger value for mimimun brake ("Set Brake Min" = no brake) not when the trigger is fully out, but when it is 1mm before fully out.
What is prevents: Sometimes the trigger value or trigger itself is not fully out, even if you let go fully. Then you cannot accelerate, as it is still a little in brake mode. This is confused with a cut out, but the R2 Remote has no Cut Outs. It also prevents, that at the slightest touch on the brake or miminal trigger value changes, it starts braking. The trigger value also change when you unscrew the remote. If you do nothing, all is good, just ride, as we send the remotes out with correct trigger values.

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